Maintaining Your Screened Enclosure

Spring time and summer-time are the most popular times to perform regular maintenance on your screen rooms. It can be a large task, but take these tips into consideration in order to make the task more manageable.

Remove Excess Debris

By using a blower or soft bristled brush, gently remove all leaves and debris from the top of your screened enclosure. Use the same tools to remove debris from around the base of the enclosure.

Inspect for Damage

Carefully inspect all screen and aluminum junctures for signs of tearing, or separation. If there are any tears, contact North Florida Leisure to conduct a full inspection for you before you proceed with any additional maintenance.

Cleaning Process: for Screens

Use a mild detergent and water, dish soap will work fine. Using a soft bristles brush scrub side-to-side, up-and-down on both sides of the screen before rinsing.

Cleaning Process: for Aluminum or Siding

Using bleach on colored aluminum or siding can cause discoloration. Using a mild (light) mixture of bleach and water can be used to remove mold. However, regularly cleaning the aluminum with mild detergent and water can reduce instances of mold and negate the necessity for bleach.

If all else fails, contact us and we can provide recommendations for a professional.

Maintaining Your Screened Enclosure